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Are you ready for some South Cape fun? Whether this is your first trolley event or you’re a seasoned guest, answers to frequently asked questions should help make an awesome night even more so!

South Cape Coral is chock full of free public parking. Public lots include Big John’s Plaza, Club Square (the lot behind BackStreets and Big Blue Brewing), the parking lot across from BackStreets (in back of Nevermind), the plaza at Iguana Mia, and the Transfer Station.

For all trolley events, regular check-in is from 6pm to 7:30pm at two locations: Big John’s Plaza (near Pinch-A-Penny) and at the South Cape Hub, located at 909 SE 47th Terrace. If you’re planning to have dinner in the area, you’ll save time and lines if you check-in early and then dine. Once 7pm hits, you can hop on any trolley.

Late check-in is from 7:30-9pm at the South Cape Hub. 

Trolley events are for those age 21 and older. This includes designated drivers.

All attendees must carry valid identification. IDs will be checked at check-in and may also be checked at many establishments.

At check-in, you’ll first have your ID checked. Next, we’ll scan your ticket (paper copy or on your phone) and put on your wristband. Then you’ll receive your cool gift (this may be a necklace, novelty glasses, or some other cool thing). Finally, you’ll receive your passport.

You’ll want to fill out your passport stub with your name, email, and phone number before hopping on a trolley. This is so we can contact you if you win a prize, and also gets you on the SCHEA email list so you can learn about our future events. Don’t worry, we do not share attendee info with anyone else.

You’ll keep the passport and map on your person. The passport will be stamped at all locations.

No. Trolleys are contracted to start at a specific time (typically 7pm).

Sorry, but locations are not allowed to serve until the event starts (typically 7pm). If you arrive early, please be patient.

Riding the trolleys can be lots of fun. We try our best to make sure each trolley has a host – someone who asks trivia questions and gives away prizes, and also keeps you informed about the evening. Aside from that, you can chat, sing, and tap your toes. Please do not dance in the aisles while the trolley is moving. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on the trolleys.

The trolleys run a route from 7pm to 11pm, stopping at each location typically every 8-14 minutes. You can hop on and off the trolleys as you wish, so you can go at your own pace.

Sometimes trolleys will be filled to capacity and you may have to wait for the next one. If you are attending the event with a large group of people, you may sometimes have difficulty staying together. We suggest splitting up at times and agreeing to meet up at the next location.

No problem! You can still visit the location to have your passport stamped. You’ll want to fill your passport so you can be eligible to win the grand prize.

Many people dress in theme for our trolley events, but it’s not required. If you do dress up, though, please note that no weapons (or items that resemble a real weapon) are allowed on the trolleys or in establishments.

Be sure to have your picture taken at the photo booth at the South Cape Hub (909 SE 47th Terrace, right next to BackStreets). These will be uploaded to Facebook within a week after the event. The public will vote on their faves and the SCHEA board makes final determination of the winning photo, which wins a total of 4 tickets to the next event!

The official SCHEA photographer is thrilled when people save and share their photos. Please do not remove the watermark on your free keepsake.

If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to talk to any trolley host or security, or any manager at a participating location. If you have questions about the event or need non-urgent help, the best method is to send us a private message via Facebook. You can also find our phone number here.

Due to contract, we are unable to keep the trolleys longer than the allotted time. Please keep track of the time as the trolleys will make final pickups as it nears 11pm.

We want you to be safe! You can legally leave your vehicle overnight in any of the public parking lots. South Cape has several taxi services and Uber drivers ready to get you home.

Please note: Due to occupancy regulations, admission to each location at the time you arrive there is not guaranteed. It is possible some locations will hit capacity on and off during the evening. Should this happen, we recommend moving on to the next stop and returning at a later time.

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